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Chris Williams
Hi All,

As some of you are aware we are in communication with the Council and Ravenmeadow Golf Club about our future. I would like to ask all members to be patient with us over releasing updates.

We feel it prudent not to release any information until we have clear answers and facts to any questions that we have put forward to the Council and Ravenmeadow on your behalf. Be assured that we are listening to you all and putting forward suggestions or questions that you have raised.

A email was sent to the Council on Monday outlining our proposals and requests as we move forward. Once we have received a reply from the council we will release the letter in full and the answers that we have received back.

We will then discuss these further as a Committee and then put our proposals fully to the members in a open forum meeting so we can all have a voice.

I will also put in place a folder in the Golf Reception so everybody has an opportunity to read any updates and also for you to write down any questions or concerns that you may have.

I think we would all like to resolve things as soon as possible, but alas the wheels do not turn that quick, but with time as an issue with renewing memberships and our AGM being in February the Committee are working hard to have a firm plan in action by this meeting.

I will post this letter on our website under 'COMMITTEE LINK' tab so you can leave any messages or comments.

Here Serving The Members

Chris Williams
Club Secretary