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Peter Brown
Barrie Hope is sending out a Club V1 newsletter but if you haven't seen it here is the content so please read below :

(Although this Press Release is not due to be released until 9th February we have been given the go-ahead to share this news with our Members)

For immediate release:  1 February 2015

Deal ensures golfers can still tee off at Perdiswell

Worcester City Council has struck a deal to ensure golf can continue to be played at Perdiswell, the public space in the north of Worcester, despite part of the site closing for repair work.  

Essential work to the culvert running under Perdiswell is due to start in the spring, meaning that players will not be able to tee off at several of the fairways and holes at the popular golf course for at least 15 months.

Now the City Council has stepped in to arrange a lease with the adjoining Ravenmeadow golf club, so they can rent the ten Perdiswell holes in the northern part of the site for 15-18 months from April 1.

That will mean players can continue to enjoy an 18-hole match, playing nine holes at Ravenmeadow and another nine at Perdiswell. For the period of the lease, golfers will start their round at Ravenmeadow’s base in Hindlip Lane, instead of Perdiswell Leisure Centre.

The arrangement is expected to be approved by Worcester City Council’s Cabinet on 9 February and is supported by the Perdiswell Golf Membership Management Committee.

Councillor Marc Bayliss, the Council’s Deputy Leader, said: “It’s great news that we have been able to find a way to keep golf going at Perdiswell during the upcoming work. I hope players will enjoy starting their matches at Ravenmeadow.”

Barrie Hope of the Perdiswell Golf Membership Management Committee said: “The majority of our members have responded positively to the Council being able to find a way to ensure that golf can continue at Perdiswell, despite the disruption the culvert repairs will bring.”

James Leaver of Ravenmeadow Golf Centre said: “We think this is an arrangement that will suit Worcester golfers and we’re looking forward to welcoming many new faces to experience the great facilities we have at our golf centre.”

The culvert that carries the Barbourne Brook beneath Perdiswell is in poor structural condition and repair work has been planned for some time. A recent survey has shown that proposals to install a new inner lining at the culvert, a concrete pipe 1.5 metres across, will not be adequate and that the site will now need to be excavated.

The work will affect the golf fairways and holes to the south of the path that runs from the canal bridge through the middle of the course. These will be closed while the repairs take place.

The project is being jointly funded by Worcester City Council and the Environment Agency. Work is due to begin in the spring and will involve an excavation approximately 30 metres wide and 200 metres long, reaching down to a depth of nine metres to reach the deepest sections of the culvert.  

The site will be cordoned off to ensure the safety of the public.

The area around the fairways of holes 1, 9, 10 and 18 will be closed to the public during the works, which are expected to last for between three and four months. Reinstatement and repair of the golf course to a playable condition is expected to take at least 12 months, depending on weather conditions.

The area south of the path, although closed for golf, will be fully open to the public for walking and other leisure activities. The Council will continue to maintain it during the period of repair work to the culvert.

Rob Byrne
Communications & PR Manager
Worcester City Council