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Peter Brown
Once again we are fast approaching the AGM and we are again facing the same old problem of trying to communicate the relevant information to all Members in time for the meeting but, for many reasons, we do not have current contact details for everyone involved.

If you can see this message then you can also use the facilities here to update your details.  There is a form on 'Members Contacts' where you can enter name, phone number and email.  Or, you could use the 'Feedback' form where you only actually need to fill in your name and email address then use the comments section at the bottom to eneter all your other details.

Easier still, just email me at with Name, Address, Phone Number and Email.  I will then make sure you details are correctly updated on our main Club V1 System.

With all the changes that are currently going on around the Club it is even more important now that you update you personal information so that we can move forward with a more professional attitude.

Thank You