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Martin Neath Memorial Open

Geoff Nunney
Can anyone explain the following:-

Firstly there was an option of choosing your own team. I did just that and entered 4 names to form a team. The draw has been made and the 4 members are all indifferent teams. Why was the option removed without letting anyone know?

Secondly the closing date for booking into the competition was, and still is, set as 28.5.2016 . Why has the draw been made before this date?

I have no problem with a draw for the event but surely the format should be sorted out at the start and once it has been decided, it should be kept to.
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Re: Martin Neath Memorial Open

Peter Brown
In response to Geoff's questions, James Leaver has been contacted and a Newletter communication sent out to Members having email addresses registered with us as follows :

Start sheet drawn in error
Hi All

The draw for the above competition was made too early and did not account for those players whom had selected their four man teams (as per the event guidance).

Please ignore the current draw showing on HDID. This will be re-drawn at close of business Saturday in the usual manner.

Those wishing to enter a team of four should contact James or one of the team in the shop ahead of the draw being made.

Those entering as individuals will be formed into teams randomly.


The Management Committee