2016 AGM

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2016 AGM

Peter Brown
Hi All

The nominations for the Committee for the coming year are currently underway. To date the following individuals have been proposed and seconded for the following Officer roles:

President - Adrian Crowley
Club Secretary - Chris Williams
Captain - Barrie Hope
Vice Captain - Steve Baylis
Senior Captain - Mick Huggins or Phil Lane
Handicap Secretary - Barrie Hope
Ordinary Member - Geoff Edge
Ordinary Member - Pete Brown
Ordinary Member - Joe Jackson

There is still time to put your name forward if you wish to be considered for any of the Committee roles; nominations, proposed and seconded, must be received by 20th February at the latest.

Any additional nominations received will be advised via a Newsletter as soon as possible.

The Non Attendee Voting Form issued last week omitted the Officer role of Senior Captain in error. If you are unable to attend the AGM but wish to register your vote on this role, simply add "Senior Captain" and the individual's name you are voting for to the form (just below the table of Officer roles).


The Committee